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By working with us you will discover a new innovative approach to criminal law services, approach that makes us the go-to firm when our clients seek advice. We are robust in our beliefs, firm before courts, supportive with our colleagues and generous with our time when it comes to clients.


At TEIS Criminal Lawyers we believe trust starts with self. We encourage our team to cultivate a high sense of confidence, so we can all perform at outstanding levels. We foster a trustful collaborative work environment and we empower our colleagues to take autonomous decisions in their mission to act in our clients’ best interest.


We look forward to welcome open minded, highly motivated criminal defense lawyers ready to achieve excellence. Outstanding performance is obtained only through hard work, so we are fully dedicated to continuously improve our team’s skills and provide them the tools to persevere. Our final goal as a team is to actively contribute to the success of our firm and deliver excellent services to all our clients.


Integrity and work ethic are highly regarded and each of us is encouraged to freely express opinions and share ideas. Within our team, virtues and principles are always respected, so everyone can take pride in themselves and their work. We translate integrity as being thoughtful of our colleagues, and support them doing the right thing, even in difficult circumstances.


We strive to offer our employees a higher sense of purpose, by being constantly engagement in pro bono sustainable causes, supporting our NGO partners with top criminal law expertise. The success of our firm will ultimately be determined by your team’s ability to find meaning in their work and align themselves with the standards we set for performance.

Key Positions

Experienced Lawyers

We are looking for market-leading criminal law innovators, ready to support our clients in achieving their goals. We are the go-to-firm for our clients, so we expect from our colleagues to master market-leading legal insights and use their hands-on experience in deploying forward thinking defense strategies. We need our lawyers to be one step ahead of everything that might impact their cases and be ready to tackle any crisis with firmness and professionalism.

As founder, it is my personal mission to lead by example and to encourage and support my colleagues throughout their professional journeys. In order to enhance their skills and facilitate their career development, I am ready to serve as coach and share all my expertise in criminal law.

As part of our team, you will be directly involved in high stake cases. This will allow you not only to strengthen your skills in criminal law, but it will also contribute in boosting your career. Together we can make everything possible!

Mircea Teis

Founder of TEIS Criminal Lawyer

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