Pro Bono Projects

We are proud to support local NGOs in their efforts to act in favor of vulnerable populations and environmental causes. We offer our partners free legal assistance and we grant them access to our insights’ library. Once a year we organize innovative training courses to enhance their knowledge in legal practices and provide them with the necessary tools to win their social missions.

Few examples of criminal corporate topics we can help you with:

● Protection against intellectual property frauds and scams
● Penalties resulting from contract or partnership infringements
● Allegations of fraud involving public funds allocation and spending

Mircea, our founder is a very active member of the legal educational scene. He’s participating in multiple educational events and conferences sharing his experience with civic leaders, lawyers, judges, and law students. His goal is to foster a better understanding of criminal law and to promote its essential role in society.

If you are a registered member of an NGO and you need free legal assistance for your cause, please send us an email at Please include only the most relevant information regarding your project and why do you want us to get involved. We will evaluate your request and get back to you with an answer.