Tax Frauds

Businesses today find it challenging to keep up with the sheer volume, pace and complexity of global tax changes and tax trends tend to be too technical and opaque to all, except the most committed of observers within the profession and tax authorities.

Governmental tax audits are targeting possible tax frauds and tax evasion more frequently than ever before. Beside harsh penalties, companies also risk facing unprecedented scrutiny and reporting of their tax affairs by advocacy groups and the news media, often hurting brand reputation.

Regardless the challenge, our extensive criminal law experience serves us well in representing clients faced with criminal tax investigations. We have all the necessary skills and means in assisting companies challenged by any tax related allegations: failure to report income, overstated deductions, failure to collect and pay employment taxes, preparation of false returns, failure to file returns, presentation of false documents to the authorities, as well as other tax-related crimes.

Financial and Accounting Frauds

Financial fraud refers to fraud perpetrated within the financial industry – such as investment or commercial banks, insurance companies and broker-dealers or fraud in any sector of the economy that is financial in nature. In addition, accounting frauds are interpreted as failures in following all rules and regulations for keeping accurate accounting records.

These type of frauds are a major problem affecting both small and large companies and they can involve a single isolated instance of misrepresentation of the law, or a lengthy complicated operation.

Regardless of whatever the situation is, we handle all forms of financial securities and accounting criminal frauds. Our well-trained staff is highly experienced in managing complex criminal cases – we are fully committed to successfully represent clients through trial and appeals and to obtain the best possible outcome.

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