Vision and business principles

Our vision is to be a distinguished, client centric and forward-thinking criminal law firm, known for combining innovative solutions with pragmatism. Clients trust us because we are able to anticipate issues and deploy innovative strategies in short amounts of time, maximizing the outcome of their legal disputes.

Due to the misinterpretation of nowadays strict business regulations and the challenging economic environment, corporations might become subjects of the judiciary system. Corporate misconduct allegations could lead to harsh fines and penalties, with a negative impact on the company’s revenues. Sometimes, even corporate board members and upper management are at risk of being exposed to prosecution, influencing both the company’s brand value and its stock market price.

Protecting companies from such events is our mission, and in order to maximize our success we embody the following business principles into everything we deliver our clients.


We believe in rational trustful relationships. We are committed to demonstrate and foster a culture of transparency in everything we deliver by translating our clients’ risks and fears into successful actionable plans.


We are first class professionals with extensive expertise in corporate criminal law, managing complex cases both domestically and internationally. Our focus for the past 12 years was to provide high quality services to all our clients.


We prove our clients loyalty as we maintain the highest personal, ethical and professional standards. Our ambitious go-ahead attitude empowers us to anticipate issues and deploy new innovative strategies, all to solve and maximize the outcomes of our clients’ legal disputes.


We believe that everyone is entitled to fair legal assistance even if they cannot afford it. Through our counseling programs, we offer NGOs free legal expertise and help them make a real and positive difference to the world around us.